Unmanageable Crises: Deeper Darkness Enveloping APC In Rivers …Party Depleting Strength In Vicious Circle Of Uncontrolled Resentments

(By Chris K. Amadi) – The ruling All Progressives Congress was an amalgam of vested interests who wanted the former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan out of office at all costs. Though from different political groupings, they worked together and succeeded in pushing out Jonathan, and President Muhammadu Buhari to took over in 2015. His mission statement was to wipe out corruption, end Boko Haram insurgency and other forms of insecurity, and take Nigeria’s economy to greater heights. However, five years on, many citizens are regretting that the Buhari administration has failed to live up to its promise.

Meanwhile, since the return of President Buhari for a second term, things have not been the same again in the APC at the national level. Infighting has risen to major crises, and the party appears headed for break up because of 2023 presidential ambitions of political gladiators in the two major irreconcilable factions of the party. As the moment, the crises in the party at the national level is not replicated in all the states. But for Ondo and Edo where elections are coming up in September 2020, there are little or no reports of crises, but the story is not the same in Rivers State. As a matter of fact, APC in Rivers State has remained a house divided among itself even before the last election, culminating in their non participation in the exercise at any level.

Unfortunately, the inexcusable bad blood and war drums, instead of subsiding are sounding louder in Rivers State. Following the suspension of Adams Oshiomhole as national chairman of the party, Ogoni born Victor Giadom declared himself the acting national chairman. He cited a court ruling in his favor, but his opponents said he could not be , having resigned from the National Working Committee to contest 2019 election in Rivers State.

Next was the sudden emergence of Igo Aguma as the state chairman of the party in Rivers State, courtesy of a court judgment, and this was followed by the appointment of Wogu Boms as Deputy National Secretary to replace Victor Giadom. The story now is that Igo Aguma has been sacked by another faction of APC In Rivers State, and Sekonte Davies appointed in his place.
With 2023 a shouting distance away, the APC, a party that initially held a promise, is shooting herself out of contention in Rivers State because of endless infighting. Vicious thoughts, uncontrolled resentments are manifesting in counterproductive actions, and the factions appear to be carrying gun powder in their bosoms. The situation is that, negative emotions have taken the better part of many thereby lowering the vitality of the party and depleting her strength and efficiency.
The self inflicted misfortune of APC in Rivers State appears not to be subsiding, rather it is adding deeper darkness to the night that is already devoid of stars and attraction. From all indications, the fire of anger is being mistaken for the light of argument in the APC. This has put out the flame of logic and suddenly, the same people who labored to build the house are pulling it down – like a dream of the night!

With the stakeholders not learning from their mistakes and charting a new path, many observers are wondering if history will repeat itself with the APC in Rivers fighting herself out of contention in the next election. Charles D’Sousa probably had Rivers APC in mind when he said that: “The man who spends his life building walls instead of bridges has no right to complain if he is lonely”. Similarly, Socrates said that “an unexamined life is not worth living”. After all is said and done, the question remains: when will all these infightings end in APC in Rivers State and at the national level? Well, only time will tell.

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