West’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan Will Have Consequences — Blair

A former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Balir has raised alarm that the decision of the West to withdraw from Afghanistan at the time they did resulting in the return of the Taliban in that country was unnecessary and a political blunder that would come haunting the west and the entire world.

He was widely reported as noting on Saturday that the policy of the west to withdraw from Afghanistan was driven not by grand strategy but by politics, warning that the decision will come will consequences.

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair, who in 2001 took Britain into war in Afghanistan alongside the United States, on Saturday condemned their “abandonment” of the country as “dangerous” and “unnecessary.”

The Guardian reports that it was Balir’s first public comments on the crisis since the Afghan government collapsed last weekend, stressing that,

“The abandonment of Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, not in their interests and not in ours”, adding that the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was driven not by grand strategy but by politics.

Tony Blair said the world may no longer take the west as a serious country and rather look upto Russia, China and Iran, who may take advantage of the situation, just as Jihadist groups around the world, according to him would be celebrating the policy inconsistency of the west.
“We have learnt the perils of intervention in the way we intervened in Afghanistan, Iraq and indeed Libya. But non intervention is also policy with consequence,” Blair stated.

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