Why Constitution Is  Worth Dying For


(By Obinna Osuagwu) –
The Constitution is the will of the people. You can die over the Constitution and not good governance by fellow citizens. The Constitution protects the citizenry even from government or from the tyranny of the majority. The job of the courts as the last hope of the citizen is to enforce the Constitution.

The question to Africans therefore is: do your Constitutions protect you as citizens? Do your Constitutions protect your your inherent human liberties? Do they defend your human rights, your property rights, your right to enterprise, your right to self determination as peoples, etc– from the government of overreaches or tyranny of the majority?

These are what Constitutions serve in liberatarian societies–without these fundamentals, even democracy or free vote would simply be tyranny of the majority. If your Constitution doesn’t grant you that, then it’s vain to expect same from men and women who may hold power every four years.

With protective Constitutions, the citizens can go about their businesses and not expect the government to be their protectors or expect to be hurt be errors of leadership selection or tyranny of the majority.

Citizens should therefore  pledge to die over the Constitution and not for an individual or a particular  government.

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