Hon. OCJ Okocha, MFR, SAN, GSSRS, JP

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo) – As Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike is inaugurated today for a second term as Governor of Rivers State, Hon. OCJ Okocha, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, says he has no doubts in his mind that Wike will not disappoint but will sustain the tempo of development in the state in the second term of his administration.

Speaking with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt, the decorated legal practitioner said:
“I can vouch for him based on the performance which he had given in the past. Wike served as two – term chairman of Obio/Akpor local government, my home local government area. At that time we had this arrangement that chairmen, whether elected or appointed should serve one term and go so that this position may rotate to all the wards and sections of the local government area.

“He served two terms. Why did he serve a second term? Because every body was impressed with his performance during his first term. He was the first among many local government chairmen to erect that edifice there that is now Obio/Akpor Local Government Council secretariat at Rumuodomaya.

“ Incidentally, as I said, that is my home local government: And he lived up to our expectation after we gave him the second chance. Some of us who know his past track records can stand here and say that, in his second term, he will perform better than he has already performed. And I can stand here and vouch for him. “He is a man who believes in performance. He is a man who believes in delivering the dividends of democracy. He is a man who believes in developing his own environment. Those who are alleging that the projects being commissioned were started by last administration, I ask, if you started then why didn’t you complete them. You had eight years.

“This one has come and he is commissioning projects you started over eight years ago. I should say shame on them. They don’t want to see any thing good in the man who is succeeding. They don’t understand. The misfortune of those who do not want to see anything good in others is that good will not come their way.

“Wike has performed and will continue to perform. Those of us who are watching, and you know we are here: I have not moved an inch from Rivers State from the time I finished the National Service and come here to set up my practice. I have been in the state. I have seen governments come and go, from military to civilian; back to military and now back to civilian, I have seen them.

“And you know me, I always associate with any government in power because I feel that in my capacity as a lawyer in Rivers State, I have a responsibility to support every government to ensure that government succeeds”, he further explained.

Hon. OCJ Okocha, MFR, SAN, GSSRS, JP

Meanwhile, Hon. Okocha, SAN, has congratulated Barr. Wike for the rare opportunity to serve in the capacity of Governor of Rivers State for the second time and urged the good people of Rivers State to be optimistic, and support the administration, because, according to him, the best is yet to come.