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Wike Has Reduced Announcement Of Poverty In Rivers –Prof. Atuboyeodia

(By Iheanyi Ezinwo)-The provision of hospitals, health centres, roads and other people oriented programs and services by the administration of Governor Nyesom Wike in Rivers State has led to the reduction of announcement of poverty in the state.T his was the position of Prof. Atuboyeodia Obianimu, Director-General of Wike for Positive  Change, in an exclusive interview with Notable Outcome in Port Harcourt on Friday.

The notable academic and former president of Ijaw National Congress, INC, explained that the administration of Governor Nyesom Wike has intervened in the financial situation of Rivers people and reduced the announcement of poverty by bringing hospitals, health centres and other people oriented programs and services nearer to the people, leading to reduced costs and more savings.  He said the economic empowerment programmes of the Wike administration for youths, market women and civil servants were conceived to enable Rivers people access money for their businesses on the presentation of a letter from a chief in their community, even as he observed that this approach is stimulating the economy and addressing poverty at the root, by encouraging people to catch the fish themselves instead of waiting for handouts.

The Wike for Positive Change boss also noted that government’s deliberate policy of paying salaries and pensions in the state as and when due is aimed at stimulating the economy, while clarifying that pockets of complaints of non payment of pensions are coming from the hand full who are yet to conclude their documentations. Prof. Atuboyeodia Obianimu further explained that Governor Wike has opened roads across the state and reduced traffic times, making it possible for people, goods and services to move into town easily. According to him, one do not have to live in the town any longer, as the governor has made the capital accessible.

Responding to a question, the Director General hinted that Wike for positive Change is one of the platforms associated with the Peoples Democratic Party in Rivers State, adding that it was formed to deepen awareness and to propagate the new Rivers vision of Governor Wike. Recalling that the governor has been doing so much, flagging off and commissioning projects scattered across the state, he explained that the group employ advocacy to reach the people, both reached and unreached and that their duty is to help people come to the reality, appreciate and take advantage of the services and projects provided to enhance the lives of all who live and do business in the state.

The former INC president said Wike for Positive Change have coordinators at local governments, ward and unit levels, just as he maintained that the hospitals, roads and other projects of government are there for all to see, including the doubting Thomases, concluding that the administration of Governor Wike has since gone beyond the realm of promises to that of delivery of values that can be seen and felt all over the state.

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