Zimbabwe on fire as opposition allege election stolen (BBC)

Zimbabwe On Fire As Opposition Alleges Stolen Election

(By Chioma Peters)-The post Robert Mugabe election in Zimbabwe, which saw the ruling Zanu-PF party winning two thirds majority seats in the parliament on Wednesday sparked uprising in that South African country as the opposition supporters are alleging some subversion of the electoral process, especially with the delay in declaring the results of the presidential election.
The contest for the presidency is a straight fight between the incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zanu-PF and Nelson Chamisa of the opposition MDC Alliance who is claiming victory even when the result is yet to be announced.
Meanwhile, Harere, the capital of Zimbabwe has been taken over by security forces, with soldiers reportedly clashing with supporters of the opposition, a development that has attracted the attention of the international community.
BBC reports that the United States of America is deeply concerned about the clashes between Zimbabwe’s security forces and supporters of the opposition.
“Zimbabwe has an historic opportunity to move the country towards a brighter future for all its citizens. Violence cannot be part of the process,” the US had said.
Meanwhile, there are reports that the security operatives attempted to stop Journalists covering the clashes from performing their duties, even as many are said to have been wounded and a life reportedly lost on Wednesday as the streets of Harare are deserted.

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